About Drake University

World-class education with personal attention

Drake University is recognized as one of the finest universities for experiential learning. As a midsize, private university in Des Moines, Iowa, Drake offers students the benefits and resources of a larger institution with the advantages of intimate class sizes and close personal relationships.


Total Enrolled Students

Drake enrolls more than 3,000 undergraduate and 1,900 graduate students.

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Undergraduate Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

You’re sure to find an ideal career track at Drake.

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Graduate degrees and Online programs

The variety and format of our programs are ideal for both full-time students and busy professionals.

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Values That Build a Vibrant Campus Culture

Our values empower Drake employees to work together in a positive, collaborative, and inclusive environment so we can unite in our ultimate mission: transform student lives and strengthen communities.

Meaningful History and Traditions

Full of color, leadership, and even struggle at times, Drake’s history creates a foundation and environment that prepares you to reach for your desired future. Traditions—from Drake Relays to “hubbelling” to the Kissing Rock and many more—give you a sense of connection through shared experiences with prior generations of Drake students. Tap into the power of Drake’s rich history and traditions, all while making your unique additions to both.

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Student Focused Leadership

Drake’s test of leadership centers on the question, “What matters most?” The answer is not new buildings, or enhanced aesthetics, or improved curriculum and processes—although you can find all of those important things on our campus. The answer to “What matters most?” for our leaders is “student achievement and success.” Drake’s leaders are committed to using whatever means necessary to continually strengthen the University’s ability to help students achieve and succeed.

Learn By Doing

Look at any old college brochure and you will likely see a photo of people sitting under a tree, laughing. While this does occasionally happen, we all know college is more than that. At Drake, it’s a lot more than just sitting in a classroom, too. That’s why the core of the Bulldog experience is academics and professional preparation. We are serious about offering experiential learning like first-year research and law practicum, full-immersion internships, classes held on location instead of in classrooms, service learning, community volunteering, and so much more. Plus, more than 150 student organizations offer professional and social-expanding experiences. Ready to get hands-on? Then you’re ready for Drake.

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Campus-Wide Research

Are you into research? Want to give it a try? You won’t have to wait until you’re a third- or fourth-year student to do research at Drake. First-year students can find themselves on the front line of scientific inquiry in a wide variety of fields, often working with experienced faculty.

Drake and Des Moines

Whatever you think you know about Des Moines, the odds are you only have part of the picture unless you’ve spent some time here. Des Moines is a vibrant, fast-growing, diverse Midwestern metro area of over 500,000 that surprises most people who visit for the first time. Its restaurants, attractions, concerts (both large and small), trails, cultural events, and art scene—especially the sculpture park—all contribute to what makes our city so special. Plus, Des Moines is influential in business, government, healthcare, law and more. Drake is interwoven with it all.

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